CyberJS Basics

Premium Professional Seminar

You already know JavaScript. Join this seminar and learn about some of the most common vulnerabilities when it comes to front end development in JavaScript.

Cutting Edge

We continuously research and update our training material in order to provide the best service.

Small Classes

We deliver our training services in small classes (14 students max!) and we use luxurious meeting rooms.

Video Clips

We capture every meeting on video in order to assist our students with going over the training material.

Remote Learning

Our platform allows our students to see the teacher's screen, hear him talking and ask questions!


Seminars in JavaScript

Functional Programming in JavaScript

Learn how to implement the functional programming paradigm in the code you write in JavaScript.

CyberJS Basics

Learn about the common vulnerabilities when developing the front end in JavaScript.

ECMA Script 2018

Learn about ECMA Script 2018 new capabilities, and learn about how to use them effectively in your code.

ECMA Script 2019

Learn about ECMA Script 2019 new capabilities, and learn about how to use them effectively in your code.

Front End Development Course

Check out our premium professional course for learning front end development, that focuses on the JavaScript programming language. We deliver a long-term course, that includes 18 weekly (18:00-22:00) meetings (90 academic hours in total). 

JavaScript [Free] Meetups

We continuously deliver free professional meetups. Those meetups usually take place in Tel-Aviv area and in most cases they are delivered in Hebrew. Some of the meetups we deliver cover topics in JavaScript. Join our free professional meetup group and stay updated about our coming meetups. 

JavaScript Professional Groups

Clients Feedbacks

I enjoyed Haim talk in Avaya R& D (Pune, India) because he was really passionate about what he taught. He doesn't stick to the conventional text book teaching, rather he knows the practical real world applications of the technologies he is teaching. Moreover, he has used those applications and know exactly what the technology in question is capable of doing.
Vaibhav Garg
Tech Leader at Amazon
Michael came to Amdocs Cyprus for a four days course in web technologies. Within these four days we covered a vast range of topics, in great depth. Michael is a true professional and has an immense breadth of knowledge. I would not hesitate to say that he's one of the best speakers we've ever had in the company.
Nick Markou
Software Development Team Lead at Amdocs
If you are interested to learn something and Haim teaches it don't hesitate! I am a Java EE professional and a lecturer myself, and I found his course sterling. I learned so much, and enjoyed every minute of it. Haim is a real professional. He has DEEP knowledge in an amazing range of technologies and the passion for both technology and teaching.
Alon Malki
Head of Big Data and Cloud at Sagarmatha